Our History

Mitchell Dryers has been designing and manufacturing drying solutions for nearly a century. Our products are found in over 100 countries and our knowledge and expertise is valued across many industry sectors. Our industrial heritage dates back to 1768 when the Blaylock family of clockmakers established a business just north of Carlisle, the city where Mitchell Dryers is still based today. The business expanded into related areas of engineering and in 1859 formed a partnership with William Pratchitt of Bolton. By the late nineteenth century, after the death of John Blaylock, the company became Pratchitt Brothers and was manufacturing agricultural equipment, railway equipment, steam engines and grinding mills. In the mid-twentieth century Pratchitt Brothers joined forces with Mitchell companies to form the Mitchell Group of Companies with a dryers division, pumps, mixer and chemical plant division. Further ownership and name changes took place in subsequent years, but engineering and manufacturing continued at the same Carlisle site that had been home to Blaylock and Pratchitt 150 years earlier. Today, still inspired by our proud engineering history, Mitchell Dryers has a new home at Kingmoor Park in Carlisle.
1848, Long Island Iron Works
1947, Mitchell Group

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