Band Dryers

Band Dryer
Band Dryer

Our band dryers are used to dry food, chemical and mineral products, where drying is required on a continuous basis. Hygiene, accessibility and process efficiency are among the key considerations for our design engineers.

All of our dryers are modular in design. This optimises drying efficiency by giving precise temperature control in each zone, helping to minimise energy usage and enable more cost-effective production. The modular design also shortens the installation time and makes it easy to incorporate future extensions.

  • Optimised drying due to effective sealing of drying enclosure
  • Even air distribution and air recycling to maximise efficiency
  • Solid double skin construction to minimise heat loss
  • Hygienic design with stainless steel contact parts
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Steam, gas, thermal oil (indirect) or electric heat source options
  • Energy-efficient, low noise motors
  • Internal/external finish to suit client specification
Band Dryer
Band Dryer

Drying occurs by the circulation of hot air through the bed of material as it is carried through the dryer on a conveyer band. The drying enclosure is divided into a number of drying sections, each of which includes an air heater and circulating fan together with fresh air and exhaust facilities.

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