Stoves and Cabinets

20 Tray Cabinet
20 Tray Cabinet

Our drying stoves and cabinets are designed to optimise efficiency, reduce processing time and keep operating costs to a minimum. 

Tray drying is a convenient and economic way to handle small or varied batches of materials. It’s suitable for virtually any material that can be loaded onto a tray.

  • Highly efficient drying and reduced operating costs
  • Suited to many industry sectors including food and pharmaceutical
  • Options include humidity control and process sequencing
  • Uniform temperature due to high air circulation
  • Typically of mild steel construction with rigid thermal insulation
  • Tray surface area from 3.3m2 to 240m2
20 Tray Cabinet
20 Tray Cabinet

Drying occurs due to the recirculation of hot air, the heat source being steam or electricity. Large volume circulation is maintained by the high efficiency fan, while adjustable dampers control humidity levels.

For smaller volumes, trays of wet material are loaded directly into cabinets – these smaller capacity dryers are ideal for pilot plant work and lower levels of production. At the other end of the scale, drying stoves are designed to accommodate wheeled trucks which are loaded with trays of wet material.

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